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My Fault 2023 film (Culpa Mia): A Captivating yet Flawed Journey into Young-Adult Turmoil

My Fault

Introducing, My Fault (Culpa Mia)

My Fault (Culpa Mia) has recently graced the screens of Amazon Prime Video, offering Spanish-speaking audiences a tantalizing young-adult romance film that takes inspiration from the enthralling trilogy penned by the esteemed Spanish-Argentine novelist Mercedes Ron. Prepare to immerse yourself in a world that dances on the precipice between young-adult innocence and adult-adult allure, defying conventions and capturing hearts in its own unique way.

My Fault (Culpa Mia): First Look

The Alluring Yet Disjointed Narrative

However, within the tapestry of My Fault, we encounter a puzzling medley of ideas that, at times, results in a messy but strangely watchable experience. The narrative, though ambitious, fails to weave its elements into a cohesive whole. Our young protagonists face fleeting obstacles along their passionate journey, including the haunting specter of Noah’s past trauma and the unexpected return of her former flame. Alas, the film falls short in exploring the depths of these psychological challenges, leaving viewers craving a more profound examination of their impact on the characters’ emotional landscapes.

The Unintentional Absurdity and Guilty Pleasure Appeal

My Fault unveils itself as a soapy cinematic delight with a dissociative identity problem. It unabashedly embraces its own over-the-top absurdity, delivering a storyline that teeters on the edge of recklessness. However, what it gains in audacity, it loses in credibility. The film’s frenetic pace and flamboyant sequences oftentimes tread the line between unintentional comedy and an earnest desire to captivate its target audience. From its jaw-droppingly extravagant climax to Nick’s audacious claim that Noah deserves kisses akin to “fire volcanoes,” the movie sways into the realm of hilarity, unintentionally inviting viewers to revel in its absurdity.

My Fault (Culpa Mia)
Credit: Midgard Times

Nevertheless, it is precisely this guilty pleasure appeal that manages to keep audiences morbidly curious, perpetually intrigued by the unpredictable twists and turns that await our protagonists. My Fault, in all its flamboyant charm, becomes an addictive experience, making us cringe and laugh in equal measure as we eagerly anticipate what the story has in store.

The Lamentable Script and Direction

Regrettably, the film’s downfall lies in its lackluster script and direction. While the performances by the actors exhibit a glimmer of potential, they are ultimately let down by the underwhelming material they are given to work with. The script fails to breathe life into its characters, leaving them mere vessels for melodramatic plot devices. Likewise, the direction lacks finesse, failing to harness the potential of the source material and deliver a truly captivating cinematic experience.

A Failed Imitation of Cruel Intentions

In its ambitious pursuit to capture the essence of the iconic Cruel Intentions, My Fault (Culpa Mia) falters, stumbling into the realms of cringeworthy imitation. It aspires to recreate the charm and allure of its predecessor but falls short of capturing the genuine intrigue and complexity that made Cruel Intentions a classic. Instead, we are left with a watered-down adaptation, bereft of the original’s intoxicating magnetism.


In conclusion, My Fault (Culpa Mia) emerges as a movie that struggles to justify the investment of one’s time. The lack of substantial character development and the presence of uninspired dialogue contribute to an unsatisfying viewing experience. The film’s attempt to merge disparate ideas results in a disjointed narrative that never quite finds its footing. While the performances by the actors manage to salvage some moments, they are ultimately overshadowed by the shortcomings of the script and direction.

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However, it is precisely this concoction of flaws that makes My Fault (Culpa Mia) a guilty pleasure worth exploring. Its unintentional hilarity and addictive nature will keep you hooked, even if you find yourself cringing at times. So, if you dare to take the plunge, prepare for a rollercoaster ride of emotions as you navigate the chaotic twists and turns of this captivatingly flawed journey into young-adult turmoil.

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