18 January 2024 in The Bookish Gossips, Author Connect Sessions

A Chat with Khitisweri Krupaya: Navigating Real-Life Stories in the COVID Era

In a recent conversation with Khitisweri Krupaya, the talented author behind “Survival Of The Fittest,” we delved into her journey as a writer, the challenges she faced, and the inspiration that fueled her creative fire.

Drawing from Personal Roots:
Krupaya’s journey into writing finds its roots in her mother, also an author. “My inspiration came from my mother,” she shared. “I always wanted to write my story, but it was the COVID era that gave me the real booster to pen down a real-life story.” The pandemic, a turbulent period for many, served as the catalyst for Krupaya to weave her narrative.

Consistency is Key:
When asked about her writing rituals, Krupaya emphasized the importance of consistency. “I don’t have any specific ritual, but I always try to maintain consistency in my writing,” she revealed. “Every day, I write something to have a natural flow of my thoughts.” This commitment to daily writing has become her secret ingredient for maintaining the authenticity of her storytelling.

Influence and Role Models:
Expressing her love for novels, Krupaya shared her fondness for romantic and suspenseful tales. She cites Chetan Bhagat as her role model, acknowledging his influence on her character-building skills. “Inspired by his stories, I have developed character building, and as my story is real, it was easier for me to describe,” she explained. Bhagat’s impact on her storytelling echoes in the intricate characters she crafts within the pages of her own work.

Conquering Challenges:
One of Krupaya’s significant challenges was navigating her postpartum journey while writing her first novel. “It was never easy to write the first novel while being a new mom,” she admitted. “But I think I deliver best under pressure, and my adversity pushed me far away to overcome my challenges.” Her ability to turn challenges into stepping stones speaks to her resilience and determination as an author.

Advice for Aspiring Authors:
In the era of ChatGPT and digital advancements, Krupaya offers heartfelt advice to aspiring authors: “Let your heart speak. Convert your thought process to write something on paper, and eventually, it will help you become an author.” Her words echo the simplicity of allowing one’s genuine voice to shine through the written word.

Overcoming Writer’s Block:
Sharing her technique for handling writer’s block, Krupaya emphasized the importance of disconnecting. “I move away from everything, do meditation, and try to calm my mind. Sometimes I go on a small trip to have a spontaneous overflow of thoughts.” This approach reflects the need for writers to step back, find solace, and recharge their creative energies.

Gratitude to Supporters:
Acknowledging the support of her publisher, Blue Rose, and the unwavering encouragement from friends and reviewers, Krupaya expressed her gratitude. “My publisher @bluerose is extremely helpful, and my friends and reviewers are the biggest support. Thanks to you as well,” she shared. The collaborative nature of her journey reflects the communal strength that bolsters her creative pursuits.

The Power of Community:
Krupaya strongly believes in the transformative power of community in the authorial journey. “The community has the power to change the perspective of the author, whether it’s a newbie or bestselling. It’s people who decide who will win the game in real,” she emphasized. Her heartfelt thanks to readers underscore the symbiotic relationship between authors and their audience.

In conclusion, Khitisweri Krupaya’s journey as an author is a testament to the resilience found in embracing life’s challenges. Through her storytelling, she encourages aspiring authors to let their hearts speak, to connect with their communities, and to find inspiration even in the midst of adversity. “Survival Of The Fittest” not only captures the essence of real-life stories but also serves as an inspiring narrative of triumph over obstacles, a reflection of Krupaya’s own journey as a storyteller.

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