15 November 2023 in The Bookish Gossips, Author Connect Sessions

A Conversation with Nivedha Srinivasan: Doctor, Author, and the Creative Mind Behind ‘Missing – Until I Find You One Day’

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Interviewer: Unnati Shahi, Founder of ‘The Bookish Gossips’

Meet Nivedha Srinivasan, a 26-year-old doctor and burgeoning author whose debut novel, ‘Missing – Until I Find You One Day,’ has captivated readers with its intriguing mystery. In this exclusive interview with ‘The Bookish Gossips,’ Nivedha shares her journey from a medical professional to a published author, shedding light on her inspiration, challenges, and the creative process.

1. The Journey Begins:

Nivedha reveals that her love for fiction novels, particularly in the mystery genre, and her vivid imagination fueled her passion for storytelling. The rush of solving mysteries within the pages of a book was a driving force. However, the pivotal motivation to bring her stories to life emerged from her father’s encouragement, ultimately leading to the publication of ‘Missing.’

2. Imaginative Roots:

When asked about the source of her stories, Nivedha clarifies that her narratives are predominantly imaginative, with only a small influence from real people or events. She describes a process where inspiration sparks from a person or event, but the remainder unfolds in the realm of her creativity.

3. Overcoming Challenges:

Like many writers, Nivedha faced challenges during the writing process. Time constraints and writer’s block were significant hurdles. To overcome these, she dedicated at least one day a week to writing and accepted that writer’s block is a natural part of the creative journey. Exploring content outside her genre during these blocks proved to be a helpful remedy.

4. The Evolution of ‘Missing’:

Nivedha admits that her debut novel underwent a transformative journey during the writing and editing phases. A pivotal moment arose during the first round of editing when feedback suggested a somewhat somber ending. Determined not to lose the essence of her story, a single line changed the entire tone, giving birth to the hopeful conclusion of ‘Missing.’

5. Advice for Aspiring Authors:

For those aspiring to pen their debut novels, Nivedha offers simple yet profound advice: start writing, let the story flow, write for the joy of it, and avoid forcing ideas. Loving what you do and giving it your best effort are the keys to success.

6. The Post-Writing Phase:

Opting for self-publishing, Nivedha engaged with Notion Press, a self-publishing company, to navigate the post-writing phase. She acknowledges the financial investment but emphasizes the time-saving aspect of this approach. This decision allowed her to retain control over the publication process.

7. Literary Influences:

In acknowledging her literary influences, Nivedha credits iconic names like Nancy Drew, Percy Jackson, and Amish. These authors not only shaped her writing style but also empowered her within the mystery thriller genre. She acknowledges a personal touch in her stories, mirroring her conversational writing style.

In conclusion, Nivedha Srinivasan’s journey from a medical professional to a published author exemplifies the power of perseverance and passion. ‘Missing – Until I Find You One Day’ stands as a testament to her creativity and dedication, offering readers a glimpse into a world where mysteries unravel in the hands of a storyteller with a unique voice.

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