22 November 2023 in The Bookish Gossips, Book Reviews and Recommendations

A Heartwarming Story: “Nice Meeting You” Review


“Nice Meeting You” is a really nice book that makes you feel happy inside. It’s written by Shashank Lokesh. The book talks about how life can bring us good surprises and how meeting people can make life better. Let’s dive into why this book is so special.

True Friendship

In the story, there are two friends named Manu and Jyotika. The author shows us how their friendship is real and deep. It’s not just about saying hello; it’s about caring for each other. As Manu and Jyotika go through their lives together, we see a beautiful friendship growing. They face challenges, but their friendship stays strong. The book also talks about how sometimes friends might feel something more than just friendship, and that can be confusing.

Characters Coming to Life

The people in the story, like Manu and Jyotika, feel like real friends you might know. The writer does a great job making them feel alive. As they go through happy and sad times, you feel like you’re right there with them. It’s like watching friends in a movie, but you get to imagine it in your own way.

Connections That Change Us

The book tells us that meeting new people can change our lives. Sometimes these changes lead to friendships, and other times it might be something more. The story shows how emotions can get stronger, and relationships can become really important. It makes us think about the people who have made our own lives better.

Thinking About Life

This book is not just for fun; it also makes us think. It talks about important ideas like why friendships matter and how chance meetings can be special. While reading, we might remember our own experiences and the people who have made a difference in our lives.

Simple and Sweet Storytelling

The way Lokesh tells the story is simple and nice. It feels like someone is telling you a bedtime story. The words flow smoothly, and you can imagine everything happening. It’s not complicated, which makes it easy for everyone to enjoy.


To sum it up, “Nice Meeting You” is more than just a book. It’s like going on a journey with friends. Lokesh shows us the beauty of true friendship, the confusion of feelings, and how meeting people can change us. With simple words and a good story, it leaves a happy feeling in your heart. This book reminds us that unexpected friends and connections can make life really special.

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