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An Intimate Conversation with Author Riya Ramudamu: Author Connect Session-1

Author Connect Session with Riya Ramudamu

Introducing Riya Ramudamu

The Bookish Gossips recently had the pleasure of conducting its first Author Connect Session with the exceptionally talented poet and author, Riya Ramudamu. With her roots in Darjeeling, India, and currently residing in the United Arab Emirates, Riya is not only an accomplished author but also an English teacher. Her book is a captivating collection of poetry that resonates deeply with readers, evoking a range of emotions. In this exclusive interview, Riya shares her creative journey, the inspiration behind her poetic verses, and offers invaluable advice for emerging authors.

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Unveiling the Poetic Soul:

Riya begins by introducing herself as a poet author and English teacher, providing a glimpse into her multifaceted life. Her deep connection with literature and the written word is evident, as she effortlessly expresses her thoughts and emotions through her poetry. Riya’s book is a reflection of her personal experiences and emotions, inviting readers to embark on an introspective journey.

The Genesis of Inspiration:

When asked about her sources of inspiration, Riya reveals that her creative process is largely driven by her free-flowing thoughts and her cherished moments of solitude. Rather than drawing inspiration from external factors such as people or events, her poetry emerges organically from her inner world. Each poem is a harmonious blend of thoughts, emotions, and carefully chosen words, beautifully encapsulating the human experience.

The Art of Expression:

Riya Ramudamu emphasizes that her poetries are neither purely imaginative nor directly inspired by real people or events. Instead, she skillfully weaves together her thoughts and emotions, giving them life through the art of poetry. By infusing her words with profound sentiments, she creates a relatable and immersive experience for her readers. Riya’s ability to effortlessly capture fleeting emotions and translate them into poetic masterpieces is truly commendable.

The Unplanned Journey of Riya Ramudamu:

Surprisingly, Riya confesses that she didn’t have a predetermined vision for her book when she first started writing. She wrote whenever inspiration struck, without contemplating the final outcome or the structure of her collection. It was only after accumulating a substantial number of poems that she decided to bring them together and publish her work as a book. This unconventional approach highlights the spontaneity and authenticity of her creative process.

Advice for Emerging Authors:

With her own experience in mind, Riya Ramudamu offers heartfelt advice to emerging authors. She encourages them to write for the sheer pleasure and passion it brings, urging them to embrace the freedom of self-expression without worrying about the end result or potential criticism. According to Riya, writing should be a cathartic experience that satisfies the author’s inner creative drive. She firmly believes that if a writer’s work brings them joy and fulfillment, it will inevitably resonate with others and pave the way for success.


In this enlightening conversation, Riya Ramudamu captivates us with her profound insights into the world of poetry and writing. Her ability to transform raw emotions into beautifully crafted verses is truly remarkable. As she advises emerging authors to write fearlessly and authentically, Riya exemplifies the true essence of creativity and reminds us that the journey of writing is as important as the destination. Her book is a testament to the power of self-expression and the universal language of emotions. We eagerly await Riya’s future literary endeavors, hopeful that they will continue to touch the hearts and souls of readers worldwide.

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