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Exploring the Depths with Asmita Sen: A Journey into Spirits of the Roaring Sea

In a candid interview, Asmita Sen, the author behind the evocative book Spirits of the Roaring Sea, shares her passion for writing, the challenges faced during the creation of her debut, and the inspiration that fuels her literary journey.

Introduction to Asmita Sen: A Multifaceted Creative

Asmita Sen, a dedicated writer, avid reader, and film enthusiast, opens up about her diverse interests. From cooking to indulging in Downtemp and breakbeat Techno music, her creative spirit extends to embracing the beauty of Hindi, Bengali, and Malayalam songs. As a self-proclaimed Lana Del Rey and Frank Ocean enthusiast, Asmita finds solace in books, which serve as both a comfort and a gateway to understanding the world.

The Genesis of a Writer: From Inclination to Devotion

Asmita reflects on her writing journey, acknowledging the comments that writing is in her blood. She delves into the essence of being a writer, emphasizing the audacity required to transform a fleeting inclination into a lasting devotion. Her storytelling venture commenced at the age of twelve, evolving from personal narratives to activism and eventually embracing poignant poetry.

Imagination and Reality: The Tapestry of Asmita’s Poems

Exploring the roots of her poetry, Asmita admits that some poems are imaginative, detached from her past, while others serve as a means to cope with unresolved issues. The infusion of magical realism in her work becomes a tool to convey messages beyond the constraints of her own reality. For Asmita, imagination is a powerful force, capable of instilling hope within people.

Navigating Challenges in Writing Debut: Spirits of the Roaring Sea

The writing process for Spirits of the Roaring Sea was not without its challenges. Asmita shares that the book became overwhelming as she probed into a myriad of emotions. The mental and physical toll was palpable, yet the determination to complete the book prevailed. Writing became a cathartic experience, a necessary step for personal growth.

Transformation and Evolution: From Draft to Debut

The decision to compile past narratives with new write-ups into an emotional metaphor for Spirits of the Roaring Sea was spontaneous. The book underwent a significant transformation mirroring the transient nature of Asmita’s emotions. With minimal structural planning, self-directed editing, and a desire to convey palpable emotions, the debut novel took shape as a genuine expression of the author’s inner world.

Words of Wisdom for Aspiring Authors: Embrace Honesty and Passion

Asmita’s advice to aspiring authors is simple but profound: be brutally honest with your emotions. Whether using metaphors or engaging in fiction, authenticity and passion are key. She emphasizes the importance of turning writing into a conversation, avoiding a detached and academic tone.

The Post-Writing Landscape: Exploring New Horizons

Having taken a break from book writing, Asmita focuses on gaining knowledge through diverse avenues. Engaging with poetry, non-fiction, and articles on paramount subjects, she experiments with different genres before considering another book. This period of exploration reflects her commitment to continuous learning and growth.

Literary Influences: From Plath to Crenshaw

Asmita acknowledges the influence of certain authors on her writing style. While avoiding the outright adoption of a particular writing style, she aligns the substance of her work with that of Sylvia Plath and Charles Bukowski. Additionally, her passion for subjects like intersectional feminism draws inspiration from writers like Mikki Kendall and Kimberle Crenshaw.

Conclusion: Unveiling the Layers of Asmita Sen’s Literary Journey

Asmita Sen’s journey as a writer unfolds as a genuine exploration of emotions, creativity, and self-discovery. From the challenges of writing her debut to the eclectic influences shaping her style, Asmita’s story is a testament to the power of honesty, passion, and the ever-evolving nature of the creative spirit. As readers await her future endeavors, there’s a palpable sense that Asmita Sen’s literary journey is far from reaching its final chapter.

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