26 January 2024 in The Bookish Gossips, Author Connect Sessions

“Soulful Connections”: A Conversation with the author, Dr. Bitumani Borah

In a bustling world of corporate responsibilities and the constant juggle of life’s challenges, Dr. Bitumani Borah, author of “Soulful Connections,” finds solace and strength in the simplicity of poetry. In a candid conversation, she shares the inspiration behind her poetic autobiography and the profound impact of words on her journey.

Expressing Feelings with Few Words

“I believe that poetry has the extraordinary power to touch our hearts,” Dr. Borah begins, emphasizing her role as a busy corporate professional who finds joy in crafting creative content. “Soulful Connections” is not just a collection of verses; it’s a celebration of the connections that shape our lives and a gentle reminder that strength and beauty can be found even in the most challenging times.

Life’s Essential Components in Poetry

“All these are essential components of life and make us alive apart from professional accomplishments,” she muses. The book encapsulates her diverse life experiences, offering readers a chance to see reflections of their own journeys within its pages.

Saying More with Less

“I love the idea of saying more with less. Hence this book,” she remarks, highlighting her affinity for succinct expression. In a world inundated with information, her book stands as a testament to the power of simplicity and brevity.

Strength Amidst Life’s Challenges

Dr. Borah’s life has been a tapestry woven with responsibilities, family dynamics, and personal trials. “When responsibilities of two families, kids, grandparents, financial responsibilities, major illnesses of self and family members, everything visits together, you are left with no other choice than being strong and independent,” she reflects. Her refuge? The comfort of words and artistic expressions that find their place in her poetry.

Positive Affirmations Through Writing

“Writing journals and poems have worked as positive affirmations,” she shares. Her belief in focusing on personal growth and resolving issues through self-reflection and kindness has attracted beautiful outcomes in her life. “We all are interconnected, and being kind to each other is the least we can do for each other,” she adds, emphasizing the ripple effect of kindness on personal and collective well-being.

Balance and Contrast in Artistic Storytelling

“I strongly believe that balance or contrast is essential in any aspect of life,” Dr. Borah asserts. Her poetic autobiography goes beyond the mundane, weaving stories with fewer words that invite readers to imagine and visualize details. It’s a departure from mainstream poetry, a unique blend of narrative and verse.

The Beauty of Meaningful Relationships

“Meaningful consistent relationships are beautiful and essential,” she remarks in a world often characterized by temporary connections. Whether personal or professional, Dr. Borah emphasizes the long-term fruits of deep relationships, contrasting them with the transient nature of shallow bonds.

Words as Powerful Healers

“Words are powerful and have healing abilities,” she states unequivocally. When used correctly, words become a tool to shape the universe in support of one’s dreams. Dr. Borah encourages the act of writing down aspirations exactly as envisioned, trusting that life’s challenges can be transformed into opportunities for growth.

In a world that often feels like a constant struggle, “Soulful Connections” stands as a testament to the strength found in simplicity, the beauty in relationships, and the transformative power of words. Dr. Bitumani Borah’s poetic autobiography is an invitation to celebrate the tapestry of life in its most genuine and heartfelt form.

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