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Unveiling the Genesis: An In-Depth Interview with Jasveer Singh Dangi

1. The Mythological Adventure Theme in “The Hunter Genesis” Series

Jasveer Singh Dangi, the acclaimed author of “The Hunter Genesis” series, shares the genesis of his mythological adventure theme. His literary journey, fueled by an accidental entry into writing, began with his childhood memoir, “Version One and a Half.” Not a voracious reader, Jasveer found inspiration in books like “One Indian Girl” and “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a ***k.”

Driven by a love for action, adventure, and fantasy genres, Jasveer embarked on a two-year journey to create a global character with “The Hunter Genesis.” Drawing inspiration from Indian fantasy comics like Supercommando Dhruv, he introduces a protagonist who navigates the chaos of eighteenth-century India. For Jasveer, writing becomes a stress buster, offering a unique escape into the realms of fantasy and adventure.

2. Seamless Blend of History, Fantasy, and Mythology

The art of seamlessly blending history, fantasy, and mythology in “The Hunter Genesis” is Jasveer’s forte. An avid observer of surroundings, he incorporates real-life experiences, situations, and characters into his narrative. Set in eighteenth-century India, the story pays homage to Indian culture, intertwining real historical figures with fictional protagonists like “The Hunter.”

Jasveer’s unique approach involves modern language in a historical setting, creating a refreshing perspective. His childlike imagination and viewpoint infuse a comical timing into dialogues, enhancing the overall narrative.

3. Challenges in Writing a Multifaceted Book

Combining adventure, history, mythology, and action poses challenges, admits Jasveer. The risk of upsetting individuals or groups due to creative liberties is a concern. Setting a low benchmark for historical accuracy, he emphasizes that historical fiction is ultimately a form of entertainment, not a history lesson.

4. Elements Resonating with Readers

Jasveer believes that the fast pace, unusual historical setting with a modern outlook, tongue-in-cheek dialogues, and compelling characterizations are key elements that resonate with readers and potentially earn his work a 5/5 rating.

5. Historical and Mythological Influences

The author shares that the initial draft was set in a more modern era but shifted to the early eighteenth century during research. This period marked the decline of Mughal influence and the rise of British and Maratha influences, providing an ideal backdrop for the story. Real characters from this era also contributed to the authenticity of the narrative.

6. Balancing Historical Accuracy with Creative Liberties

Jasveer contends that creative liberties are essential in fiction writing, allowing authors to twist events for the sake of storytelling. While not claiming 100% historical accuracy, he emphasizes the primary purpose of entertaining readers.

7. Future Installments of “The Hunter Genesis” Series

Anticipating the release of Book 2, titled “The Hunter Genesis – Revelation,” Jasveer hints at a shift in focus from action to the protagonist’s abilities. The continuation promises to elevate the action and adventure to new heights.

8. Surprising Facts Uncovered During Writing

Delving into research during the writing process, Jasveer discovered not only historical and mythological insights but also details about eighteenth-century lifestyle and weaponry. One of the most surprising facts he uncovered was the transformation of Bombay (Mumbai) from a group of islands to India’s most crucial trading port.

In closing, Jasveer Singh Dangi’s literary journey unfolds as a tapestry of inspiration, imagination, and a deep connection to Indian culture. “The Hunter Genesis” series, with its mythological roots and adventurous spirit, promises readers a captivating escape into a world where history, fantasy, and modernity converge.

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