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Manvi Mehta: From Poetry to UPSC, An Author’s Journey of Inspiration

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Manvi Mehta, a name that has recently gained prominence in the literary world, is not your ordinary author. A poet, a madness economist, an innovation economist, and a mental health activist, Manvi’s journey to becoming a published author is a captivating tale of inspiration and determination.

Introducing Manvi Mehta

At the age of six, Manvi Mehta embarked on a poetic journey that would eventually lead her to publish her own book. She attributes her early love for writing to her grandfather, a novelist who passed down the art of storytelling. However, it was her pursuit of English Literature and the guidance of exceptional mentors that truly honed her skills.

Two names stand out in Manvi’s journey – Arti Sah Ma’am and Simantini Rangeya Raghav Ma’am. These teachers and mentors played a pivotal role in shaping her understanding of prose and poetry, nurturing her talents.

Real Poetries, Real Experiences

Manvi’s poetries are not mere works of imagination; they are rooted in her personal experiences with love, life, and death. Each poem is a reflection of her emotions, making her work deeply relatable and raw.

The Herculean Task of Publishing

Publishing a book can be a herculean task for any aspiring author, and Manvi was no exception. However, she had a guiding light in the form of her uncle, Pushpendra Mehta, a popular writer. With his guidance, Manvi navigated the publishing process. She had always dreamt of having a book with her name on her own bookshelf, and that dream was coming true.

Debut Aspirations

Manvi’s journey as an author took an interesting turn when it came to her debut book, “Illuminating The Dawn.” Unlike many authors who envision their debut from the start, Manvi’s path was different. She revealed, “No, I always envisioned ‘Illuminating The Dawn’ as a debut. ‘Rivers of Reverie’ was during my manic-depressive phase, and ‘UPSC: Just Another Exam’ was a realization after failed attempts in the Civil Services Exams. Editing was there but not much.”

Advice for Aspiring Authors

For aspiring authors, Manvi has some valuable advice: “Read, read, read, and write, write, and write. There will be days when you will struggle to write even one word, but eventually, with time, the words will flow like a river of emotions.”

The Post-Writing Process of Publishing

Manvi found the post-writing process of publishing to be relatively simple, provided you ask the right person the right questions. She emphasized that for her, it was always poetry, and she found Notion Press to be a great platform for self-guided publishing.

Influences and Inspiration

Every author has their influences, and Manvi is no exception. She draws inspiration from literary giants like Emily Dickinson, Jane Austen, Shakespeare, and Kamala Das. These authors have influenced her to be raw and direct in a way that makes her poetry deeply relatable.

Additionally, her semi-autobiographical work on UPSC is a product of seven years of experience with success and failure in the Civil Services Exams, making it a unique and insightful addition to the genre.

Manvi Mehta’s journey from a young poet to a published author is a testament to the power of passion, mentorship, and determination. Her works, rooted in personal experiences, resonate with readers on a profound level. Aspiring authors can find valuable lessons in her advice and experiences.

Manvi’s story reminds us that the path to authorship may be filled with challenges, but with the right guidance and unwavering commitment, dreams can indeed become a reality.

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